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He should be ok now.

Kris had two "alive" playerrs in the database.
This is a known thing with exile and is mostly caused by the game crashing, connection dropping or not logging out before restart.

Kris right now have same problem like before

sorted, samething again with two alive players in the database.

Does he have a poor connection or a crashy computer?
Does it happen with other UK based servers?

Hi, the ammo for the MX assault rifles 6.5mm seems to be missing from the traders.

I've noticed some weird stuff with some of the AR's since the 1.92 arma update. This is one of them.
6.5mm ammo is still in the trader however it apears not to show when u use the filter.

I've also noticed the number of spare mags will always show zero matter how many you have in your inventory, confirmed on the AKMGL and MXGL.

The Exile dev team don't apear to be very active but we could really do with an update. They still havent addressed the issues with the "panels" feature introduced in the Tanks DLC.


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