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Title: | Exile | Malden
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( (
password = letmein

Discord (

Protection money for bases must be paid every 7 days or the base will be deleted.
Required Mods
Server Features (
DMS Missions ( - with underwater missions
r3f-logistics (
claim non persistent vehicles (
player status bar (
Shipwrecks (
XM8 Apps (
Sell Crates at trader
NPC defended high value loot areas
Custom crafting
NPC Factions (
Death Squads

Roaming NPC
Roaming enemy will randomly patrol the island in three formats:

Temporary Transport
To spawn a Temporary Transport you must first bind "Use action 20". It's under "Custom controls" in the drop down.
In this screenshot, you would press "pause" to spawn a quad.
Call Evac
If you scroll on your quad you will see the "Call Evac" option. Selecting this will bring up a map for you to select a target destination.
Once you have clicked a destination the map screen will close.
The landing zone for the evac heli will be marked with purple smoke and will be marked on your map.

Custom crafting

Rearm and Repair points
Marked by yellow circles